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市 Sodd is a lightweight TypeScript data validation library, heavily inspired by Zod.

Some highlights:

  • Small Only 2 kB minified and gzipped, and highly tree-shakeable.
  • Focused Sodd's main focus is on parsing JSON data, which keeps the API surface small.
  • Excellent TypeScript support Type safety for the parsed data is a given, and Sodd also keeps track of the types of validation issues that can occur in your schema.
  • Extensible Sodd is designed to be extended with custom types and validation functionality.
  • Zero dependencies

Sodd aims to be a good alternative when you don't need the full power of Zod, and want something with a slightly smaller bundle footprint. Sodd should include most things you need to parse data the most common sources, such as JSON responses from HTTP requests, query params from the URL, or data from a form. See the comparison with Zod for more information.