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Creates a schema which parses arrays of the provided schema type.

Accepts an optional second argument, cardinality, which describes whether the array is expected to be non-empty, or whether it can contain any number of items. Use "non-empty" or "many" respectively. If no value is provided, "many" is used.

The nonEmpty utility function can be used to create a cloned schema with the "non-empty" cardinality.


import { array, string } from "@sodd/core";

const schema = array(string());

schema.parse(["burgers", "sodd"]); // ✅
schema.parse([]); // ✅
schema.parse([1, 2, 3]); // 🚨
schema.parse("cheese"); // 🚨

const nonEmptySchema = array(string(), "non-empty");
schema.parse(["burgers", "sodd"]); // ✅
schema.parse([]); // 🚨

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