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Creates a schema which accepts null values in addition to the passed schema.


While Sodd's schemas try to mimic the behavor their Zod counterparts, there are some differences. Where Zod has a dedicated null schema for values that can only be null, in Sodd, this is achieved simply by using a nullable with no arguments.

import { nullable, string } from "@sodd/core";

const schema = nullable(string());

schema.parse(null); // ✅ => null
schema.parse("sodd"); // ✅ => "sodd"
schema.parse(123); // 🚨

const justNullSchema = nullable();

justNullSchema.parse(null); // ✅ => null
justNullSchema.parse("sodd"); // 🚨

Issue types

  • If no schema is passed, the nullable schema can only produceInvalidTypeIssue
  • If a schema is passed, the possible issue types will be those of the schema